About this blog….

As a long time lawyer and mediator my world view is blessed (and burdened) with an almost involuntary reflex to see other points of view.  In our current era of polarized and absolutist social discourse, I’m thinking this somewhat annoying personal habit might actually have some value and have started this blog.

The cultural revolution of the 2016 presidential election, along with my work with Beyond Civility, has me doubting there is such a thing as objective or neutral opinions, so I make no such claims as to my own.  I do, however, try hard  to be open minded, fair, and accurate, and welcome thoughtful comments on the success or failure of my efforts.

I may edit comments for civility.  If I do and you feel I have misunderstood you or you disagree with my edits, please let me know.

Bob Rack

Robert Rack spent eight years working in criminal justice planning in Ohio, and then 29 years mediating civil litigation at the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals.  He taught mediation and consulted in the design of court based mediation programs nationally and internationally.  He lives in Cincinnati with his wife and a menagerie of animals.