Re-posted from April, 2018

America’s gun debate is framed too narrowly to be helpful. Advocacy for gun legislation isn’t only about preventing school shootings, nor does it seek to circumvent the 2nd Amendment. Legislation does more than command or prohibit behavior, it formally declares social priorities, what is acceptable to a society and what isn’t. Laws reflect, and in myriad ways shape our social values. Focusing on the cultural implications of gun legislation, or lack of it, provides a deeper and more productive focus for a national conversation.

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Children of the Earth

Whence came the false and fatal notion; the one insisting
You are not me and we are not the past and future, as if the
Atoms I’ve collected are not borrowed from Ghengis Kahn or Gandhi or the
Dinosaurs or the stars!

What recent god was it that granted us dominion over everything, handed
Us the food chain we’re atop like a menu from an infinite kitchen with
All selections comped?

Who exactly said the privilege of the fittest is to dominate rather than
Serve and nurture those myriad others on whom
Our fitness rests?

Children of God, perhaps, but certainly we are children of the Earth,
Matter and energy neither created nor destroyed, swimming in an
Interdependent ecosystem teeming with diversity we cannot see,
Suicidally denying this biological and social reality that
Governs our collective fate.