Did you ever think you would do this?

When you were a sweet Christian child,
Touched by the compassion of Jesus,
Singing Away in a Manger at Christmas, and
Giving dimes to the missions,
Did you dream you’d be taking children from mothers
To show how unwanted they are,
Sending immigrants away to their deaths, or
Mocking a handicapped man?

As your parents were teaching you right from wrong,
Could you believe you would one day laugh at
Lies told over and over without
Guilt or a thought of punishment?

While pledging allegiance to America’s flag, and
Watching your friends going off to war,
Did you imagine doing business with Russians or
Defending their attacks on our allies?

While studying civics in grade school
Did you think you’d  make rules to keep citizens from voting?

When you studied biology in high school
Did you think you would claim that scientists are frauds; that
Facts are false and opinions are truth?

When you cared about children
(You must care about children),
Who did you look to as leaders, for models of
What your country should be?
Brave, learned men of good character, right? Ones you could trust to
Unite and defend the whole country against
Threats both domestic and foreign.

What say you now, friend?
Whom do you blame for the changes:
The Democrats, who challenge your politics?
The Liberals, who seek to distribute your wealth?
The Immigrants, who color your nation?
The Government, that balances your power?
These are your enemies now–the all of us.

You’ve come a long way, but where are you going?
You hate many loudly, but whom do you love?
You’ve rejected the old ways with righteousness, but
What are you saying is right?
You divide and exclude us to govern by power, but
Who do you think will be ruling us
When our self-ruling systems are gone?

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